AmeraLabs XVN-50 Black

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Explore AmeraLabs XVN-50 Versatile Engineering 3D Printing Resin – a superior blend of durability, flexibility, and precision. Tailored for various applications, it excels in impact resistance and flexibility. Ideal for diverse manufacturing needs, XVN-50 resin combines resilience with precision for exceptional 3D printing results.

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AmeraLabs XVN-50 Black

Introducing AmeraLabs XVN-50 resin, the ultimate tool for resin 3D printing. Engineered with a perfect balance of flexibility, stiffness, impact resistance, and tensile strength, it’s the versatile solution for various applications. Developed by AmeraLabs, this resin possesses properties essential for successful 3D printing of strong and functional parts.

What are the Benefits?

  1. Impact resistance
  2. Compatible with most MSLA and DLP resin 3D printers
  3. Low odour
  4. Dimensionally accurate and stable
  5. Hard and non-sticky, paintable surface
  6. Fast curing

Printing Tips

  • Level your build plate.
  • If it’s your first print with this resin, print something small first.
  • Find initial printing settings here: AmeraLabs resin settings
  • Use support column thickness of 1.5-2mm, support tip thickness of 0.2-0.6mm.
  • Use attachment layer.
  • Hollow your models.
  • Use slower lift speeds. 5mm/min for bottom layers, 40-60mm/min for normal layers.

Resin Specification

Tensile Strength at Break
37.5 MPa
Flexural Modulus of Elasticity
1.82 GPa
560 cPs
Surface Hardness
82 D
Compatible UV Wavelength
365 – 420 nm
*All specifications have been tested in a laboratory. Please note that certain specifications may be subject to change.

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Resin Key Features

Tailored for optimal performance on low-powered MSLA/LCD 3D printers using LED light sources emitting 365-420nm UV light. XVN-50 is compatible with both colour and monochrome LCD 3D printers, including models such as Phrozen Sonic Mini 8K, Elegoo Saturn, and Anycubic M5. Moreover, it consistently delivers outstanding results on DLP 3D printers like Asiga, Elegoo Mars 4, and Anycubic Photon D2.

You can find recommended 3D printing settings for many 3D printers here: AmeraLabs resin settings.

Attain accuracy and stability using AmeraLabs XVN-50 resin, guaranteeing dimensionally precise prints. The perfect blend of stiffness and flexibility yields exact yet durable 3D prints, making it well-suited for prototypes, robotic parts, engineering applications, snap-fit components, and other assembly-required end-use products.

After post-curing, XVN-50 prints have a non-sticky, touch-friendly finish. Featuring a durable surface with a hardness of 82 shore D, the prints are resistant to scratching. Thanks to their non-brittle nature, supports can be easily cut with a hobby knife. These 3D prints can be effortlessly sanded, drilled, tapped for threading, and painted. XVN-50 resin is meticulously pigmented, available in a sleek solid black colour.

XVN-50 demonstrates moisture resistance, with only 3.12% water absorption over 24 hours (ASTM D570). This feature guarantees minimal deformation or changes in mechanical properties when exposed to humidity or brief liquid contact. However, it’s advisable to avoid prolonged contact with water, organic solvents, or other liquids for objects printed with XVN-50.

For enhanced humidity and chemical resistance, explore AmeraLabs AMD-3 resin.

XVN-50 features a low-medium viscosity, which calls for cleaning to avoid resin entrapment in small model gaps. For Wash and Cure stations, immerse the print in IPA for 15 minutes, repeating as needed. If using standard IPA baths, follow this 4-step process:

  1. Submerge the print in IPA for 10 minutes.
  2. Actively swirl the IPA with the part for 1 minute.
  3. Allow the part to stand submerged for an additional 10 minutes, then change to fresh IPA.
  4. Actively swirl the bath for another 1 minute.

For ultrasonic cleaners, place the part in a sealed IPA container within the cleaner for 10 minutes, not exceeding 20 minutes. Avoid prolonged submersion (over 1 hour) to prevent model damage and preserve polymer properties.

While it’s simpler to remove supports pre-post-curing, you can alternatively post-cure prints with supports intact for potential geometric improvements. Post-curing time, ranging from 5 minutes to 1 hour, depends on your curing station. Immediate post-curing after cleaning and drying is crucial. Achieving a non-sticky, resilient surface for XVN-50 prints requires thorough post-curing, rendering them resistant to scratching.



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