Phrozen Sonic Mighty Revo

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Meet the latest innovation from Phrozen – the Sonic Mighty Revo 3D Printer. This upgraded technology surpasses its predecessors, the 8K and 12K models, delivering unparalleled 14K resolution ideal for crafting intricate designs. With the Mighty Revo, precision and intricacy merge seamlessly, thanks to its state-of-the-art design and cutting-edge technologies, ensuring enhanced efficiency throughout your printing journey.

Please Note: This is a pre order. We expect to receive stock of the Mighty 14K July 2024.

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Phrozen Sonic Mighty Revo

Introducing the Phrozen Sonic Mighty Revo, a revolutionary 3D printer equipped with impressive 14K resolution, guaranteeing the creation of precise and intricately detailed models. This state-of-the-art printer achieves a harmonious balance between its compact size and heightened efficiency. Additionally, the Revo printer incorporates automatic levelling, residue detection, and failure detection features. For optimal performance, pair it with Phrozen’s Pump and Fill System.

What are the Benefits?

  1. Enhanced Reliability: The Phrozen Mighty Revo introduces innovative technologies for smoother workflows and accurate, detailed 3D prints. Notably, its residue detection feature halts printing upon detecting foreign objects, safeguarding against errors or print damage. With this, ensure a seamless and reliable printing process, minimising imperfections and preserving print integrity.
  2. Failure Detection: The Sonic Mighty Revo smartly detects printing abnormalities, alerting you to pause or continue, ensuring successful prints. This proactive feature boosts confidence, saving time and resin costs.
  3. Built-In Heater: The Mighty Revo features a built-in heater maintaining a 30-degree printing temperature for consistent viscosity, enhancing success rates. Regulating printing temperature ensures smoother, higher-quality 3D prints.
  4. Comfortable Printing Environment: The Sonic Mighty Revo ensures a clean, safe printing space with a Phrozen Air Purifier System and exhaust vent. The system absorbs resin fumes for an odourless environment, while the vent connects to external ventilation for added safety.
  5. Remote Print Monitoring: Using the Phrozen GO Camera App, you can easily monitor your print in real-time from anywhere, making sure your print is successful even while on the go. This app allows for proactive management, allowing you to stop printing early if failures are detected, all from the conveniences of your mobile.

Printer Specification

Phrozen OS
5in Large Touch Panel
Slicer Software
ChiTu Box V2.0
USB | Ethernet | Wi-Fi
Resin 3D Printer - LCD Type
Light Source
405nm ParaLED Matrix 3.0
XY Resolution
16.8×24.8 µm
Layer Thickness
Maximum Printing Speed
70 mm/hr; 450 Layers/hr
Power Requirement
100 – 240V AC; 50-60Hz
Printer Size
35.3 x 34.5 x 51.7 cm
Printer Volume
22.3 x 12.6 x 23.5 cm
Printer Weight
18 kg
*All specifications have been tested in a laboratory. Please note that certain specifications may be subject to change.


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