Phrozen Sonic 4K XL Plus

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Introducing the Phrozen Sonic 4K XL Plus, a leap forward in 3D dental printing. This model features upgraded Wi-Fi connectivity and enhanced construction quality. Its powerful production capacity and ample print volume enable it to create 6-8  full arch models in just ±35 minutes. The printer includes Phrozen’s Dental Synergy Slicer, simplifying the 3D printing process significantly.

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Phrozen Sonic 4K XL Plus

In the innovative world of 3D printing, the Phrozen Sonic 4K XL Plus stands as a trailblazer, debuting in 2023. Evolving from it’s predecessor, this state-of-the-art dental printer brings forth a range of improvements that reshape the potential of dental model fabrication and printing. 

The dental printer offers a complete array of attributes, including a built-in air purifier for a pristine printing environment. An enhanced heating system cultivates ideal print conditions, and an XY resolution of 52 microns enhances its precision. 

Improved Wi-Fi Connectivity

Central to the Sonic 4K XL Plus is its swift Wi-Fi connectivity, establishing a fresh benchmark for seamless interactions. As well as this, the printer’s construction has undergone meticulous honing, culminating in a structural integrity that surpasses expectations. 

Extensive Production Capacity

The Sonic 4K XL Plus distinguishes itself through its impressive production capacity combined with a generous print volume. This means the printer can seamlessly create 6 to 8 full-arch dental models in an incredibly brief ±35 minutes. Beyond speed, this efficiency becomes a gateway to refining dental workflows, transforming treatment planning, and elevating patient care to new heights.

Phrozen Dental Synergy Slicer

The Sonic 4K XL Plus comes bundled with the ingenious Phrozen Dental Synergy (DS) Slicer. This feature-rich tool harmonises with the printer’s capabilities to offer a streamlined 3D printing process that enhances precision and accelerates the process from design to realisation.

Printer Specification

Phrozen OS
5in Large Touch Panel
Slicer Software
Phrozen DS Slicer
USB | Ethernet | WiFi
Resin 3D Printer - LCD Type
Light Source
405nm ParaLED® 3.0 Module
9.3” 4K Mono-LCD
XY Resolution
52 µm
Layer Thickness
0.01-0.30 mm
Maximum Printing Speed
Up to 90mm/hr
Power Requirement
AC100-240V : 50-60HZ
Printer Size
33 x 29 x 47 cm
Printer Volume
20 x 12.5 x 20 cm
Printer Weight
17.2 kg
*All specifications have been tested in a laboratory. Please note that certain specifications may be subject to change.
Phrozen Sonic 4K Dental 3D Printer


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