LCD Screen Protector for Sonic Mighty 8K / 12K

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Protect your valuable LCD screen from resin spills with Phrozen’s LCD screen protector, Designed with strong, highly transparent material to give good protection to your LCD screen, without affecting your prints.

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Brands:: Phrozen

Mighty 8K/12K Screen Protector

LCD Screen Protector for Mighty 8K or Mighty 12K Printers. Provides protection to your LCD screen against scratches and resin leaks. Easy to install 


Ease of Use - quick and effective installation
Protection- Provides fantastic protection for your LCD screen against resin spills and leaks
Durable - made of high - quality material to protect against scratches and resin curing
Full kit - includes wet wipes, squeeze card, microfibre cloth, guide stickers, dust absorber and instructions to provide everything to easily complete the installation
Light transmission - Allows full UV light transmission to protect your screen, without affecting your prints
Spec : 10 " (215mmx 121mm) PET Screen Protector
Clean the screen with the wet wipes and dry with microfibre cloth
Use the dust absorber to pick up the remaining dust on the screen.
Peel off the plastic cover film.
Gently stick the film on the LCD screen, starting at one end.
Gently push with the squeeze card to attach the film.
Peel off the frontside plastic and use the microfiber cloth to clean.
Please follow the guide above to install your protector.
A few small bubbles will not affect your prints.
After installing, please conduct the Z-axis calibration again.
Peeling off the protective film may generate static electricity and attract dust.
Install in a clean environment.
*All specifications have been tested in a laboratory. Please note that certain specifications may be subject to change.


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