Revopoint Range 2 3D Scanner

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The Revopoint Range 2 is a handheld 3D scanner, ideal for capturing large items like vehicles, furniture sculptures and for taking body scans. It uses structured infrared light to quickly capture details with stunning accuracy.



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RevoPoint Range 2 3D Scanner

Expand the horizons of your 3D Scanning with the Revopoint Range 2. Capture large sculptures, vehicles and furniture quickly with the Range 2’s huge capture frame. Scanning precision of of up to 0.1mm means you can replicate every detail. Scan from up to 1300mm away Scan industrial parts and even people – full body scans in under 2 minutes.

Up to 1300mm Scan Distance

Capturing large objects is easier than ever with the Range 2.  This is a structured light scanner with a 400 to 1300mm working distance and up to a 860 x 1300mm at 1300mm single capture range.

Smoother Scanning

The Range 2 has a scanning speed of 16 frames per second and, so you can move it naturally around your target. The integrated IMU technology provides motion tracking to stabilise the scanning experience for better tracking.

Accurate 3D Models with Free Software

The Range 2’s single-frame precision of up to 0.1mm allows you to create detailed and precise 3D models easily. The scanner seamlessly integrates with Revoscan 5 to allow for an easy user experience. Output your files in STL, OBJ or PLY format

Computer or Smartphone Scanning

The Range 2 includes a Power Bank Handle and phone holder to allow you to scan cable-free with your smartphone for up to 2 hours. You also get a detachable tripod, providing a static platform to scan static items or ones placed on a turntable.

Full colour experience

The Range 2’s integrated 2 Megapixel RGB camera captures an object’s colour as you scan. You can merge this with the 3D model after meshing the data.

Reverse Engineering

The accuracy of the Range 2 makes it possible to reverse engineer automotive and other engineering parts. HYou can also use the data to make custom accessories for your equipment

Completely capture the exterior, interior, and under the hood of automobiles for modifications like engine conversions, body panel replacements, and repairs.

Full Body Scanning in Under 2 Minutes

Seams, folds and  wrinkles are accurately captured 

Easily create full-body 3D models for computer games, fashion, medical fields and VR applications with scanning in under two minutes. 3D print life-like figures for a unique gift or wedding cake topper. 

Package Inclusions

  • Range 2 3D Scanner
  • Tripod
  • Power Bank
  • Phone Holder
  • 2-in-1 Mobile Cable
  • USB Type A to Type C Cable 
  • USB  Type-C Adaptor
  • Carry Case
  • Magic Mat
  • Markers
  • Quick Release Plate
  • Screwdriver

Scanner Specification

Dual-camera infrared light
Single Frame Precision
Up to 0.1 mm
Single Capture Range At Furthest Distance
860 x 1300mm @1300mm
Single Capture Range At Nearest Distance
220 x 425mm @400mm
Working Distance
400mm - 1300mm
Scan Speed
Up to 16 fps
Light Source
Class 1 infrared light
Feature and marker
Press Button
Start/Pause, -/+ Depth Camera Tactile Buttons
Output Format
Colour Scanning
Texture Scan
Special Object Scanning
Use scanning spray and the correct scanning mode for transparent, dark, or highly reflective objects
9-axis IMU
Scanner Weight
Supporting Lights
4 White Flash LEDs
RGB Camera Resolution
2 Megapixels
Connector Type
USB 3.0 and Wi-Fi 6

*All specifications have been tested in a laboratory. Please note that certain specifications may be subject to change. iOS devices only support Wi-fi connection.



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