Elegoo Saturn 3 12K

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The Elegoo Saturn 3 3D Printer boasts an impressive 10-inch 12K mono LCD, with a resolution of 11520 x 5120, and a XY resolution of 19 x 24 microns. This innovative technology allows you to create precise models with fantastic details and and sharpness. The replaceable 9H tempered glass also provides great protection against scratches and damage to the LCD screen, extending its lifespan.

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Elegoo Saturn 3 12K 3D Printer

The Elegoo Saturn 3 3D printer features a remarkable 10-inch 12K mono LCD, offering an impressive resolution of 11520 x 5120 and a XY resolution of 19 x 24 microns. With this cutting-edge technology, it excels in producing intricate models with unparalleled detail and sharpness. The replaceable 9H tempered glass adds an extra layer of defence, shielding the LCD screen from scratches and prolonging its longevity. With its blend of advanced features, the Elegoo Saturn 3 12K emerges as the perfect option for both novices and experts in the field.

What are the Benefits?

  1. COB + Fresnel Collimating Lens: The COB light source and Fresnel collimating lens ensure even and precise exposure, with a 5-degree light angle and 0.5% light-scattering coefficient. This setup achieves 90% light uniformity, resulting in detailed models with smooth surfaces and sharp edges.
  2. Upgraded Heat Dissipation System: The upgraded heat dissipation system includes 6 double heat-conducting copper tubes and 4 cooling fans on either side of the light source. This setup ensures faster ventilation and superior heat dissipation, enhancing printer performance and longevity.
  3.  High Stable Structure:

    The dual linear guide rail setup ensures smoother, quieter, and more precise Z-axis movement, reducing ridges on prints.

    The laser-carved build plate provides excellent adhesion, ensuring secure prints, even for large models.

    Non-slip hexagon socket levelling screws allow for effortless levelling adjustments.

    A raised step on the mid-plate prevents resin leakage, preserving the printer’s components and cleanliness.

  4. Multiple Printing Modes: Voxeldance Tango software boosts printing efficiency with static and dynamic modes, such as smooth and high-speed options. It supports the open-source GOO slice file format, allowing users to utilize third-party slicing software like CHITUBOX and Lychee Slicer, providing added flexibility and convenience.
  5. OdourFree Printing Environment: With safety as the utmost priority, Elegoo has integrated an improved USB-powered air purifier. Housed in durable plastic, it effectively protects the built-in activated carbon filter during transportation, ensuring printing safety.

Printer Specification

3.5-inch Touch Screen
Slicer Software
CHITUBOX & Voxeldance Tango
USB Interface
MSLA Stereolithography
Z-Axis Accuracy
Release Film
XY Resolution
Layer Thickness
Average Printing Speed
MAX 70mm/h
Power Requirement
100-240V 50/60Hz 24V 4A
Printer Size
Printer Volume
Printer Weight
15.2 KG
*All specifications have been tested in a laboratory. Please note that certain specifications may be subject to change.


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